Precious Pearl Collection

The Precious Pearl is a collection of beautiful jewelry gift set that is shown with a naturally cultured pearl that comes in its own real oyster. The pearl is a timeless symbol of elegance, sophistication, and beauty, and is known to be one of the most valuable and rare gemstones.

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Precious Pearl Necklace

Butterfly Pendent

Price: 12.99

Paw Pendent

Price: 12.99

Angel Wing Pendent

Price: 12.99

Heart Pendent

Price: 12.99

Lotus Pendent

Price: 12.99

Precious Pearl Sterling Sliver

Precious Pearl Sterling Sliver Necklace - Lotus

Price: 34.99

Precious Pearl Sterling Sliver Bracelet - Lotus

Price: 34.99

Precious Pearl Reviews

I bought this as a gift for Mother’s Day. She has a great time opening the shell and being able to find a one of a kind pearl. She wears it all the time and gets many compliments on it.

Great gift. Very pretty lotus flower necklace. Pearl is large and very shiny.

I’m getting it for all my friends for Xmas.

DD Bug

My little girl loves this necklace. She liked the whole process of opening the clam and getting the pearl. She wears it all the time and says she feels like a princess
Rachel Stevens

What Will Your Precious Pearl Reveal?


For Love


For Success


For Health


For Wealth


For Wisdom

How It Works

Open Pearl Oyster Container

Remove Oyster

Open Oyster With Included Tool

Place Pearl Into Cage

Show It Off!

Precious Pearl by My Inspirations, Cultured Pearl in Oyster Necklace Kit Pendant



The Precious Pearl pendant necklace set is a wonderful choice for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with the Precious Pearl pendant necklace set, as it is a perfect gift to express your token of love and show your affection for family members, loved ones, and that special someone.



The Precious Pearl is unique. The delicate growth process takes just over 5 years and culminates in an oyster to transform into a pearl, maintaining its innate beauty, breathtaking luster, and flawless color. The Pearl comes in an unopened oyster shell, creating a mysterious experience because you never know what color you are going to get, and each meaning becomes uniquely personal to you.



Each oyster in the Precious Pearl set contains one of the following shades: White (Wisdom), Purple (Wealth), Cream (Success), Peach (Health), and Black (Love). Each color signifies its own meaning.



The Precious Pearl is perfect to make your own pearl pendant necklace jewelry set as each pack includes a combination of one 6mm- 8mm oyster pearl, one rhodium plated chain fine metal necklace, and one fine metal pendant and an oyster opening tool to protect your nails when opening the oyster shell.



Grown over a period of 5 years in its own Akoya oyster, the Precious Pearl is a completely natural cultured oyster pearl that embodies a natural color, energy, and beauty, giving you the purest and most precious gemstones for life.

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